How we started.

“Sisley picture it.” I had started questioning life.. Is this all there is? Was I put here to take care of everyone else?  Was there ever going to be time for me?  When I get older am I going to be able to enjoy life or will I be just plain worn out? My business partner and friend (Margaret) of 20 years started our journey in the basement of my house. I’m pretty sure she first thought I lost it and she had better come along and make sure I would be o.k. This is where the journey has taken us this far.

I called a few other friends whom I knew were also struggling with every day stresses and said, “lets get together once a week and discuss life you know rant, rave, blame all the reasons why we were sent to the basement. It was winter and quite cold we fired up the wood stove and started on our personal journey. Little did we know what we were about to embark on. We laughed…we cried and we eventually came out of the basement. Only to go shopping and buy gym equipment, now we are armed and ready time to take care of us! Then a few more friends called me and our little classes started growing.

Then I said to my husband you know we are not crazy after all this stuff works. I was a part time hair dresser with a shop in my back yard and I researched and researched and that is when Whole Body Vibration machines had become a permanent part of my life. Margaret and I purchased the first machine and put it in my hair salon to see the reception it would receive. From exercising myself I knew how to do some exercises so I started working with the customers and well I know no longer do hair, Margaret no longer works her job. We have created Seahorse Vibration Wellness Center.

I realized we needed more so an add on was done. I went and took fitness and nutrition course and the word soon spread. Through all I knew and learnt I still had one major hurdle that I struggled with for years and that was my smoking. A customer mentioned laser to me and off I went on a research you know the story. Laser worked for me off I go to train in laser smoking, weight loss and stress. The word soon spread.

Now for the rest of our journey you will have to stay tuned. We are in the works of….

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading about our passion. Call and let us coach you on your journey.

Wendy & Margaret