Stress is a physiological state of readiness that the body assumes when it feels threatened. The brain determines that there is danger. It may be physical, and it may be psychological your body and brain reacts the same way. Your brain has learned through centuries of adaptation that when your being is threatened, it must get the body ready to either fight or to flee.

This is called the “fight or flight” reflex. It is responsible for energizing your body to deal with any number of threats. Your breathing quickens, and your blood pressure soars because the heart races. Perspiration floods to the surface of the skin, and the muscles tense up into a ready position. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered in huge quantities to the large muscles and the brain. All unessential bodily functions cease to allow all available resources to concentrate on saving your life.

In generations past, this type of bodily reaction allowed you to outrun an aggressor, or to quickly climb a tree to out manoeuvre a hungry animal. It doesn’t do much for you when you are faced with a 3:00 P.M. deadline, and your computer breaks down before your work is finished, or to help you deal with an angry boss who is unhappy with the work you’ve just produced. In those cases, it is inappropriate for you to fight, or to flee. You need to negotiate your way out of most complex situations today.

Laser Therapy can be an effective means to reduce the symptoms of stress and provide a feeling of relaxation. This is based upon the laser’s ability to release ‘feel good’ neurochemicals that generate feelings of well being. Treatments that have previously been available only to those who are willing to endure needle acupuncture stimulation are now available through simple, pleasant laser therapy treatments.

Throughout the laser therapy session your certified therapist will provide an understanding of the origin of stress, and provide guidance in reducing the symptoms of stress. Helpful relaxation techniques are also reviewed so you can begin to practice methods to reduce the causes of stress in your life. Clients are encouraged to engage in positive behavioural changes, which will reduce the negative effects of stress on their body.

Laser Therapy will undoubtedly help you feel more relaxed after the treatment, and for a period of several days thereafter. However, the goal of the program is to help our clients to understand what causes their stress, how to deal with it, and to control their reactions to daily stressors as many of the causes are simply not under your control. What is under your control is your reaction or response to the stressor.

Frequently Asked Questions – Stress Management

Q. How effective is it?

A.  Laser Therapy is designed to assist you in achieving a relaxed state; however laser is only one component of the program. A certified therapist will go through a series of steps designed to help identify the cause of stress in your life and will assist you in the changes required to reduce these stresses. It is necessary to make lifestyle changes to insure lasting success.

Q. Is it Guaranteed?

A. Due to the complexities of the psychological side of stress, no one can force you to make changes but we can help you ease physical tension and anxiety which makes it easier to make the life style changes necessary to manage stress.

Q. What does the treatment involve?

A. A low power laser is applied to specific points (hands, arms, ears, leg) of the Central Nervous System. It is a safe and painless therapy designed to relieve physical stress and anxiety. There are no negative side effects and in most cases there is an increased sense of well being. Throughout the session your therapist will teach you the lifestyle changes necessary to better cope with life’s stressors.

Q. How many procedures will I need?

A. The amount of treatments depends upon the individual client. The technician will be able to assess the client and recommend an appointment schedule